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Our Story

CAMSIS Education is an education service entity founded by PhD graduates from the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge. We are based in Cambridge, Bangkok, and Taipei providing various courses to both students and teachers aiming to create new generations of skilled human resources.

Core Values

Our core values are to deliver quality teaching and training, make an academic contribution to the education field, and reduce the social gap in education through our projects, using methods such as giving scholarships to students from low socio-economic backgrounds. Being in the field of Education ourselves, we pay great attention to crafting quality courses. Hence, our teaching teams consist of eminent academics from the University of Cambridge and professionals from various fields ranging from education to business.

CAMSIS Education mainly includes two kinds of businesses. The first is academic courses catering for students. The programmes will be based in Cambridge only. The second is training programmes for teachers. We provide training both in Cambridge and in overseas in Thailand and Taiwan.

Our Team

Dr. Po Tsai


Dr. Vimunchalee Dulyasittikorn


Our Lecturers

Professor Jaideep Prabhu

BTech (IIT Delhi), PhD (University of Southern California)

Judge Business School, Cambridge

Professor Monique Boddington

BA, MA (University of Nottingham), PhD (University of Cambridge)

Management Practice Associate Professor

Advisory Team

Suyash Bhatt

MBA, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Founder, Foodbud UK

Vishal Jain

MBA, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Strategy, Google Singapore

Tony Zhou

PhD candidate in Law, University of Cambridge

Ex-corporate tax lawyer (PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia)

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